William Arendzen, parish priest at Porthcawl, Wales.

William Arendzen, parish priest at Porthcawl, Wales.

When William completed his work as a missionary in Montana he returned to the UK and became parish priest at Porthcawl, in the diocese of Cardiff.

I am grateful to Mary Daley-Swann for sending me this photograph, which shows William at the reception after he had officiated at the wedding of Marie, one of Mary's friends. It is believed to have been taken some time in the fifties.

Marie, tells this amusing anecdote: "He was a very dear kind man who brought out the best in people. He also had a broad approach to '' fixed'' principles, eg, before our wedding asked us not to request for music as it was forbidden at mixed marriages. The organist would then ask what we wanted and explained that she would play and if a complaint was made he could honestly say he didn't know it was going to happen."


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  • William Arendzen, parish priest at Porthcawl, Wales.
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