A word of explanation about the Arendzen and Stracké family tree.


The Arendzen & Stracke family tree is very much an ongoing exercise so, inevitably, there are a number of missing dates. We are working on these and we hope to fill in all the gaps over time. However, if anyone else can provide missing dates etc. please let us know.

We decided to release the tree in its incomplete form because we are aware of how complex the family structure has become as more members have been added to the website. Hopefully the tree, in spite of its current shortcomings, will make the timeline and relationships a little clearer.

A good starting point for navigating the tree is to click here which is the 'Hourglass Chart' from where you can click on individuals for more information.

There is a box at the top of the tree which has a few default settings that you can change. I suggest changing the generations default from 3 to 5 and changing/reducing the 100% view size to something that fits all the generations comfortably onto your screen.

March 24, 2014 - 11:22:59 a.m.
Arendzen & Stracké Family Tree
This family tree was last updated on March 26, 2014.
Total surnames24
Media objects0
Total events66
Total users2
Earliest birth year1676Elizabeth Charlotte d'Orleans
Birth 1676 - Chateau de St. Cloud, Paris
Death 1744 (Age 68) - Chateau de Commercy
Latest birth year1905Hermina Huberta Dresken
Birth 1905 - Amsterdam
Earliest death year1744Elizabeth Charlotte d'Orleans
Birth 1676 - Chateau de St. Cloud, Paris
Death 1744 (Age 68) - Chateau de Commercy
Latest death year1977 Dorothy Mary Arendzen
Death 1977 - Romford Essex
Individual who lived the longest86Petrus Johannes Arendzen
Birth 1846 27 27 - Amsterdam
Death 1932 (Age 86) -
Average age at death71Males: 70   Females: 74
Family with the most children9Petrus Johannes Arendzen + Epiphania Josephine Leontine Ursula Marchal Stracké
Average number of children per family2.00 
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Arendzen & Stracké Family Tree
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